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CompleXYS B.V.

About us


We started in a beautiful office that's over one hundred years old! What a contradiction, the latest technologie housed in such a unique piece of history.

Due to growth we were forced to move to our current location at the Vinkenwaard industrial estate where you are welcome for a coffee at Ohmweg 7a.

Founded in 2017 to combat the growing shortage of appropriately educated, skilled and experienced technical and management service personnel in some of the major markets we, CompleXYSTM are on a mission to help make your next endevour a great success.


Our experts all have extensive international experience and have proven themselves for many years in their fields. Masters in technology and domain knowledge through their exceptional experience, knowledge & skills.


Our promise:

"We provide you with the leaders in the field..."

Meet the team

Joël Smit CEng MIET B ICT

Let me start by expressing my excitement and gratitude for your interest in CompleXYSTM and would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our website.

My name is Joël Smit CEng MIET B ICT and I am the founder and director of CompleXYS B.V.

I have spent the last 20+ years of my working life in control engineering, automation, IT, software & electronics engineering, simulation, consultancy, supervision and (project) managent related roles in many different industries like offshore, dredging, heavy lifting & machinery, marine, factory, food, ­

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infra, etc...

I am a Chartered Engineer and Member of the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), I have studied Technical Information & Communication Technology, hold a bachelors degree in IT and succesfully completed a post-bachelor in Business Administration & Management.

Besides my role at CompleXYS B.V. I'm a father and husband, co-founder, secreatry and treasurer of the Lammetjeswiel foundation and a mentor for the IET.­

Daniël Feijt BSc

CompleXYSTM is fully focussed on quickly gaining market share, increase brand value and be acknoledgement for our excellence in service and product deliverables for our clients.

To allow us to contain business risks and allow for non-linear corporate growth we utilise a flexible staffpool consisting of a vast amount of freelance, self-employed and interim professionals from our own trusted network.

Every professional that acts on behalf of CompleXYSTM is well known to us in terms of work ethics, professionalism, attitude, dependability, skills, experience and quality of work. Some, if not most, are considered personal friends of our management.

We therefore guarantee that our flexible pool of professionals serve our clients in a similar manner to our staff and to value the CompleXYSTM brand, reputation, values and clients to our high standards...­

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Download the CompleXYSTM general terms and conditions

Download a copy of The New Rules 2011 - Legal relationship client - architect, engineer and consultant­ DNR 2011, first revision July 2013

My name is Daniël Feijt BSc and I am very proud to say I am the first official employee of CompleXYSTM! I studied Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, with a major in Environmental Quality and Systems Analysis and my minor in Environmental Technology. Computer Sciences peeked my interest however and as such I am now working at CompleXYSTM as a Software Engineer


Presently my main area of focus is research, develop and build the next generation commercial software tools and applications. For now my language of choice is C# but my skills and knowledge develop as we continue working on exiting products and solutions. I hope you will soon be able to experience the fruits of our efforts.­

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CompleXYSTM is set up and licensed to act as Payroll, Intermediary and Resourcing Agent.

We focus on presenting you only with Technical- and Management professionals and candidates that fit your specific technical requirement and/or organisatorial challenge 'quality-over-quantity-style'. Meaning that we will only present you that one perfect fit and leave out the twenty ­near fits.

Naturally with our background we dive into you real technical and/or organisational requirement, what does the project/organisational chalenge need to get resolved, rather then listing an extensive list of requirements and criteria that make selecting the right candidate near impossible, we specialise in getting to know the real requirement and right candidates, dive into their ability to learn, work ethics, skills and personallity before introduction so we can guarantee they are the right fit for the job, not just the one that ticks all the boxes on these all too extensive requirement criterial lists.