CompleXYS B.V. provides a wide variety of services to clients operating in different industries and is your trusted partner for:

  • (Technical) Interim- and Project Management services

  • Web-, app-, software and game development

  • Simulation, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality development

  • Model Based Engineering & Mission Planning

  • Automation of machines and processes

  • Machine engineering, installation commissioning and testing

  • Electrical & Electronic engineering

  • System integration services

  • Control System design, engineering & control loop tuning

  • Consultancy, Audits, Safety reviews, EU Machinery law support & Class requirement assessments

  • Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence & IT services

Our specialty is when the challenge requires a combination of the above. We are able to provide our clients with a unique mix of experience, knowledge and skills that solve highly complex problems, cross bridges and close gaps.

Many of our success stories involve bridging the gap between business, plant, process and industrial systems or machines. Allowing important information to safely and automatically flow from the workfloor, to operational management and on to your executives. Our experience in Information Technology combined with a solid background in Systems Engineering and different management techniques will ensure our clients the best possible end result. CompleXYS builds on years of experience harnassing Data Mining Artificial Intelligence techniques to 'separate the wheat from the chaff' on your process data and translate only the essential data into real-time actionable information for your business any time, any place, 24-7.

CompleXYS is your 'go-to-company' when it comes to identifying, streamlining and/or developing processes, formulating rock-solid requirements and guarantee on-time, on-budget, high-quality deliverables. We do this for our own deliverables as well as a service to guide and manage those produced by others on your behalf or represent you towards these third parties, allowing you to keep focus on what is important for your business.


Area of Expertise


Heavy Lifting & Marine
Artificial Intelligence
PLC Development and Support
Industrial Machinery
Offshore Construction
Industry/Warehouse Automation


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