"Digital Twin" Software development and simulation

CompleXYS makes tailor-made simulation software for companies. This simulation software can be useful for example testing PLC code in a safe environment. The software can be linked to a real PLC and can exchange data between PLC and simulation PLC. The software can also be used in conjunction with NalyZ™ for long-term trend export, offline data analysis, etc.


    - Run PLC code in simulated environment

    - Creates the oppurtunity to test and develop new code in a safe and controlled environment

    - Useful for training staff in the correct use of (emergency) procedures

NalyZ™ trending and charting tool

NalyZ is an ultra fast trending and charting tool. Essential for the automation and process control engineering specialist.

NalyZ is being prepared for web distribution and will be available soon. NalyZ is offered as a competitively priced subscription license. Please contact our sales representative with the license code generated from the program after installation.


    - Extreme fast trends on your PC with data from a variety of DCS, PLC and PAC platforms & data connectors

    - Multiple connections in parallel

    - Long term datalogging

    - Trends exports to MS ExcelTM, BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc...

    - Offline data analysis

    - Unlimited parallel data pens

    - Multiple configurable charts

    - Uniquely designed for use on multiple monitors